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Altering existing or adding new pipework

If your commercial or industrial property requires alterations to the existing gas pipework, our team are fully trained and qualified to carry out such work. Perhaps, for example, your heating system layout needs some remodelling or you need to add in additional cooking or workshop facilities? 

Maybrick can carry out all aspects of this kind of work for you, from the planning phase all the way through to safety testing and commissioning.

Gas pipework survey

In order to alter gas pipework, your installation will require a site survey by one of our surveyors who will asses both its current status and those alterations required to the gas distribution. We will also review and discuss with you any issues the proposed alterations may cause. Our surveyor will then produce a document that details the full specification of all the requirements. 

This will take into account the pipe size, materials and the proposed route. Once we have carried out the work, we will commission the system and carry out full safety testing. On completion, you will be issued with full certification.

Redundant pipework

Redundant pipework will often result from alterations to existing installations. 

Maybrick will advise you on the best course of action for dealing with redundant pipework. 

We can then either ensure that this is removed from the site properly, or make certain that any pipework to be left in situ is fully and safely decommissioned.