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Heating maintenance for churches

Looking after churches and associated community halls is a significant challenge. 

Old halls and churches are often still running heating systems that have been in service for decades and which have often outlived their capability for useful and efficient operation.

That said, Maybrick has a wealth of experience of maintaining heating systems in church and associated properties, and understands the economics which often restrict the freedom to upgrade in such buildings.

Heating maintenance for Halls

It's possible that a heating system will fail at any time. However, scheduled and regular service and maintenance dramatically improves the chances of keeping congregations and community groups warm and safe. As these may include social and support groups providing hospitality to especially vulnerable individuals, this kind of avoidance of disruption is particularly valuable.

In older buildings and systems of this kind, small leaks and drops in pressure are also rather more likely to remain unspotted until the damage they have caused is significant. Scheduled upkeep and maintenance will again assist in detecting such symptoms, enabling them to be dealt with before real damage occurs. 

We can work with community and building staff in church and church-related organisations to plan out affordable pro-active maintenance that will assist in both maintaining trouble free operation of heating, and in keeping costs under control.

Scheduled maintenance

Our scheduled and ad-hoc heating services, guaranteed and carried out by our Gas Safe engineers, are available to churches and community halls in Essex and London, as well as some way into Kent. 

Scheduled upkeep means that work can be carried out when the buildings are not being used, or at quieter times, so that inconvenience is kept to a minimum. It will also reduce the chances of your church or hall suffering a heating system collapse that could make it unserviceable for days or even weeks.

If you are responsible for church or community hall type buildings, we would be pleased to discuss with you the most efficient and cost effective way to plan and schedule the maintenance of your heating and water system.