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Office heating services

Maybrick have a huge amount of experience in working around the day to day needs and routines of commercial office premises to provide scheduled maintenance of heating and hot water installations.

Office heating maintenance

Things go wrong, and heating and hot water systems can always experience an unforeseen failure. However, scheduled maintenance offers an effective and cost efficient way to prevent this from happening. In so doing, you protect your premises and business (or the businesses of your tenants) from the disruptions and difficulties in conducting business that can be brought about by loss of heating or water, and the ensuing rectification work. 

It does not need to be expensive to put in place a schedule of planned maintenance. While some property owners and businesses do prefer to have in place continuous service contracts, Maybrick also supports facilities managers who prefer to work on a non-contract basis but still benefit from a carefully planned sequence of inspections, replacements and upkeep.

Office boiler maintenance

With a full contingent of Gas Safe registered engineers Maybrick carries out fully guaranteed maintenance of heating and hot water installations in office buildings across Essex, East London and Central London.

This scheduled work both protects your business, or that of tenants, from disruption and discontinuation due to unexpected gas failures, and enables you to arrange for work that is required to be carried out at times and on days factored into your schedule in advance. By doing this, it is generally possible to entirely avoid impact on productivity or normal trading.

Wherever your offices are located in Essex or neighbouring areas, we would be pleased to meet with you or your facilities manager to discuss maintenance and upkeep to your heating and hot water systems.