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Testing and commissioning

At Maybrick we are suitably qualified, Gas Safe registered engineers who are trained and authorised to commission, decommission and certify any commercial gas installation.

Decommissioning & purging to air

If your pipework is redundant then we are able to conduct direct and indirect gas to air purges, making certain that natural gas is safely and fully removed from your commercial premises. 

Our highly experienced Gas Safe engineers attend each job with the appropriate equipment and tooling required to carry out the purging of the system and, once this is completed, will then issue you with the relevant gas safety certificates.

Purging to gas & commissioning

The installation of a new commercial gas pipework system in your commercial premises must of course be followed by commissioning. 

We can carry this out for you, regardless of whether we have installed the system. In this commissioning, the gas pipework and meter will be tested for safety and the pipework will be purged from air to gas. 

Once this is completed you will then be issued with the relevant gas safety certificates.

Strength and tightness testing

Newly installed commercial and industrial gas pipework requires rigorous testing. At Maybrick we are authorised to carry out strength and tightness testing on all newly installed pipework and any additions to existing pipework A pre-calculated strength test pressure (STP) is applied to test the pipework to detect any weaknesses that might exist in its build. Once this has been done, and the system is identified as free of such weaknesses, a tightness test is carried out at normal operating pressure to check that it will operate safely from day to day.

This particular test looks at a nominal gas tightness, the system only passing providing it meets all current regulations and criteria for tightness. If the newly installed pipework fails at any point then the fault will be located and corrected before being tested once more. Only once it is absolutely free of faults will we purge the system to gas.