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If you need out-of-hours and weekend maintenance at your commercial premises for your heating and hot water systems and associated plant, we are here to help. We can provide a service to suit your needs either as part of an ongoing maintenance programme, or ad-hoc when you call us.

Regular planned maintenance

While system failures and emergencies can always of course occur, we encourage planned maintenance as the most effective way to preclude these. 

Planned maintenance can be arranged on either a non-contract or contract basis, delivering a responsible and realistic schedule of inspections, replacements and upkeep. In either case, the advantages of having a programme of planned maintenance are significant. There is a substantial reduction in the occurrence of untimely and perhaps even dangerous failures, with unanticipated and often costly closures or relocations being avoided and systems being optimised to operate at their peaks of efficiency with greatest benefits for cost.

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Heating maintenance services

Our heating maintenance services in Essex and London are designed to meet the needs of all owners and facilities managers of commercial properties. 

All of our work is carried out by our Gas Safe registered engineers and is fully guaranteed.