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Servicing heating systems

The most sensible and financially prudent way to make sure your commercial heating continues to operate efficiently and without problems is to have it serviced regularly. Maybrick conducts servicing either on a scheduled contract basis or ad-hoc, when you call us out.

If you have a contract in place with us, we will automatically check for safety, service, clean and certificate your boiler and other system components to a pre-defined schedule, generally every 6 to 12 months.

If you prefer to simply call us from time to time, without any contractual arrangement, we will carry out similar checks, maintenance and replacements for you, ensuring that your system is fit to operate efficiently and without problems for a reasonable time period thereafter.

Boiler servicing

Our team of Gas Safe engineers will carry out inspections including cleaning and making adjustment as necessary to boiler components; checking of joints and seals to ensure that they are not leaking; checking and adjustment of gas pressure to ensure conformation to the requirements of your boiler; checking of electrical controls, thermostats and circulating pumps; verifying that your plant room is properly ventilated; checking fire valve; testing and thorough checking of boiler plant function; resetting of controls in line with your specification; final checking of gas safety and soundness; and itemisation of any remedial works that we consider advisable.