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Testing existing pipework

Our Gas Safe engineers carry out a full range of testing and purging procedures. These can be conducted on all gas pipework installations in commercial premises of any kind. Our testing includes:

  • Natural gas pipework strength and tightness testing;
  • Natural gas pipework direct and indirect purging;
  • Live natural gas pipework decommissioning;
  • CP1, CP12 and CP16 certification

All our work conforms to prevailing regulations and guidelines. For pipework that has a volume of less than 1m3 this entails standards IGE/UP/1A, and for pipework of volume greater than 1m3 standards IGE/UP/1.

Tightness testing

Tightness testing of existing commercial gas pipework at your premises is carried out by our registered Gas Safe engineers. We undertake this work at commercial premises throughout Essex and London, scheduling work for times causing minimum disruption to your operations. Regular (generally annual) testing may be required in order to ensure that your installation complies with the terms of your insurance.

The purpose of tightness testing your commercial gas pipework and components is to make certain that your system is safe for continuous use. The test is carried out at normal operating pressure and verifies, when applied to an existing installation, that the pipework is gas tight within pre-calculated tolerances and that there is no smell of gas. We also carry out safety tightness testing for landlords and facilities managers in situations where a smell of gas, however transient, has been reported on site.

Safety testing

We recommend that we tightness test your gas pipework on an annual basis. 

While we will be pleased to arrange this for you for any suitable time, in a great many installations the testing is most conveniently and sensibly carried out at the same time as required yearly servicing of appliances.